Who we are

Artisan Pasta Factory CE.MA. was born in the 2000 by the idea of ​​Cesare Giuccioli, chef de cuisine with a multi-year experience, willing to enhance Romagna’s knowledge and
tradition for hand-made pasta.

Thank to the devotion, love and passion to his work, in which Cesare is supported by professional family staff, combined with the company’s development direction, they provide products of high quality instantly frozen, unique in their kind and meticulously handmade following the old tradition.

The secret of the Artisan Pasta Factory CE.MA. is the method of processing that guarantees the fragrance of flavors and maintains its integrity without dispersing it. The pastry is delicate and consistent produced as tradition by 10 eggs per kilo of flour as the romagna tradition tells.

The doughs and stuffing obtained, are soft and creamy, derived from a manual work, united to a meticulous choice of strictly fresh, genuine, absolutely Italian products:  , precious and colorful line from the estrus and from the imagination of Cesare, and the exquisitely delicate

Over the last few years, business development has required the use of a semi-automatic line to meet a precise market demand, without penalizing the quality of frozen products: there it is

The high range of references the company offers, meets the many demands of extremely exigent chefs.

In addition to the insuperable quality of the products, the dynamism, the service and the innovative recipes, the company places itself in a coveted niche market.

We put our heart

Quality there it is our first absolute value that we daily hock there to maintain in the respect and in the guardianship of our clients adopting a system of inside self-control, implemented according to the standard HACCPs.

For us Quality means to adopt rigorous rules on the whole productive iter and not only, departing from the accurate selection of all the first subjects, passing through the scrupulous attention during the productive phase, finally finishing with the meticulous prudence in the confezionamento with the purpose to maintain our specialties up to the delivery from the client healthy and entire as just produced.

Cesare Giuccioli