Orecchiettewith bacon, Tropea onion and cherry tomatoes

Orecchiette with bacon, Tropea onion and cherry tomatoes


600 gr. orecchiette

200 gr. pork cheek

100 gr. tropea onion

200 gr. pachino tomatoes

20 gr. extra virgin olive oil

pecorino or parmesan to taste

black pepper to taste



In a pan, fry the Tropea onion with extra virgin olive oil, add the diced pork cheek, sprinkle with white wine, and add the Pachino tomatoes cut into wedges. Cook for about 30 minutes on low heat. Cook the orecchiette in abundant salted water for about 10 minutes (our orecchietta is made with semolina only and is not afraid of cooking). Drain and add to the sauce. Skip briefly. Add pecorino or parmesan cheese and a grated black pepper to taste