Quality, assortment and courtesy

- The company store


Our "company shop" was born in 2014 from a growing demand for products from the local population. Soon we made ourselves known, and nowadays we have become a point of reference for those who love good food to the point that they have become"those dla pasta" in Romagna dialect those of pasta

- Our products

Quality and assortment

Our farm shop is truly a "gem" for pasta lovers. On the entrance windows there is the inscription "A world of pasta" our slogan, but once you enter you understand why... In fact you can actually find everything, from the simplest and traditional formats, to regional specialties, and also a variety of stuffed pasta that always leave customers speechless,(working a lot with foreign countries we have developed products and fillings that can meet the most disparate needs) Another strong point are the sauces, all cooked and frozen in our kitchens lasagne, cannelloni in short, everything revolves around our world

- The staff

Professionalism and courtesy

Our staff at the point of sale is distinguished by courtesy, availability, but above all for preparation. In fact, they have developed a knowledge of the products at 360 tons thanks to the working period carried out within the production plant. They will be able to respond to any of your needs, even the complicated, they will be able to direct you to the most imaginative combinations, they will be able to recommend the right products for each sauce, and not least to give you a big smile.