We put our hearts into it

Quality is our first absolute value that we strive daily to maintain in the respect and protection of our customers by adopting an internal self-control system, implemented according to HACCP standards. For us Quality means adopting strict rules on the entire production process and not only, starting from the careful selection of all raw materials, passing through the scrupulous attention during the production phase, Finally ending with the meticulous prudence in packaging in order to keep our specialties until delivery by the customer healthy and intact as newly produced.

Cesare Giuccioli

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Pasta artists

Pastificio artigianale CE.MA was born in the 2000s from the idea of Cesare Giuccioli, chef de cuisine with many years of experience, determined to enhance knowledge and tradition of Romagna for handmade pasta. From the dedication, love and passion for his work in which Cesare is supported by the professional family staff, united in the direction of business development, take shape products of the highest quality immediately frozen, unique in their kind and meticulously worked by hand "like once".

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Inspiration and imagination

The secret of Pastificio CE.MA. is the processing method that guarantees the fragrance of the flavors and maintains their integrity without dispersing them. The dough is delicate and consistent "all Romagna" produced as per tradition with 10 eggs per kilo of flour. The dough and fillings obtained are soft and creamy, derived from a manual processing combined with the meticulous choice of the products used, strictly fresh and genuine, absolutely Italian: so comes to life the precious and colorful, "ARTE IMPASTA"born from the inspiration and imagination of Cesare, and the "REFINED BY HAND" The company development in recent years has made it necessary to use a semi-automatic line to meet a precise market demand, without penalizing the quality of products always frozen: so here is "THE UNUSUAL PASTA".