Fusilli giganti

Fusilli giganti

The recipes with fusilli will give you truly overwhelming first courses. Thanks to their helix shape, the pasta sauces perfectly wrap the fusilli that hold the seasonings giving your first dish an inimitable taste. Inviting and good for all occasions, fusilli are very versatile in the kitchen and go perfectly with any type of condiment, even with fish sauces. Today fusilli are among the best known and most appreciated pasta shapes by pasta lovers of all ages.

Tempo di cottura

Cooking time: 3 min.

Type of pasta:

pasta ingredients

pasteurized eggs, durum wheat semolina

More informations

Yield in cooking: 20%

Single piece weight: 3 gr

recommended dose per serving : 150 gr

it is said that

Fusilli are a type of curled pasta, originally from southern Italy. They were worked in the kitchens of the wealthiest families. When you wanted to taste perfect fusilli, women specialized in this art were called and their quick manual skills were admired.

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