Green potato Gnocchetti

Green potato Gnocchetti

Knowing how to make good gnocchi is an art that our grandmothers jealously guard and we like them cook steamed potatoes and mix them with excellent soft wheat flour. The gnocco worked to perfection is able to retain large quantities of sauce and is well cooked even if pre-cooked.

Tempo di cottura

Cooking time: 4 min.

Gli Gnocchi

Type of pasta: Gli Gnocchi

pasta ingredients

potato, soft wheat puff flour, spinach powder, nutmeg, salt

More informations

Yield in cooking: 5%

Single piece weight: 2 gr

recommended dose per serving : 250 gr

it is said that

They have very ancient origins, which date back to the sixteenth century, a period in which the importation of potatoes from America began. The Sorrentines are responsible for the invention of this tasty recipe that today delights the palate of half of Italy and beyond!

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