Green Gramigna

Green Gramigna

The gramigna is a pasta shape typical of the Bolognese tradition born from the simple union of eggs, durum wheat semolina and soft wheat flour. Gramigna goes perfectly with condiments based on meat, tomato or cream, but if you want to honor tradition, then you need to enjoy it with sausage sauce.

Tempo di cottura

Cooking time: 4 min.

Type of pasta:

pasta ingredients

pasteurized eggs, durum wheat semolina, soft wheat puff flour, spinach powder

More informations

Yield in cooking: 40%

Single piece weight: 1 gr

recommended dose per serving : 150 gr

it is said that

Its name is linked to the similarity with the seed of one of the most famous grasses: it is in fact a sort of short and curled bucatino, similar to the herbaceous plant called weed. Its origin is mysterious, its history hardly documented at all, but one thing is certain: this typical format is an integral part of the gastronomic tradition in the heart of Emilia Romagna. Gramigna is found in the menus of the many Bolognese trattorias, where it seems to boast a leading role almost as much as the beloved tagliatelle al ragù.

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